picture of owners in a pumpking patch, embracing

C & G Painting, Inc. began in 1990 unincorporated, in Broomfield, Colorado, as a painting company focused on the residential sector.  The company grew to deliver 300 to 500 new homes per year.  In June of 2000, the company incorporated, and the owners, Chris and Mandi Garufo, began eyeing Denver for the company's new home.  Two years later, the company relocated to just two blocks south of downtown Denver.

In 2004, when the new-homes market began to wane, the Garufos decided that a major market shift would be necessary to ensure the survival of the company.  So they began a

transition to the commercial sector.  By mid-2005, the company was focused almost exclusively on commercial work, primarily within the Front Range.  A crew of five to eight painters delivered just over half a million dollars in paint by the end of 2005.

Today, from its sole Denver location, the company operates in six states (and in an additional two states on a case-by-case basis).  Twenty-five employees, together with ten subcontractors, execute about 120 contracts per year totalling $2+ million.  The company engages not only in private work, but also in government work at the local, state, and federal level.

Chris Garufo, the company's vice president, has over 25 years of experience in the construction industry, virtually all of which is in painting.  
Mr. Garufo and his wife, Amanda ("Mandi"), the president, are the company's two sole principals.